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Christmas Recap

Had a nice visit with my parents this week; their arrival was delayed from Friday until Sunday thanks to the weather in Denver, which allowed us a couple of extra days to get things in order. They're back in Mountain Time now, driving from Phoenix to Durango. Highlights include:

  • A couple of excellent feasts for Christmas Eve and Day. Liz really knows her way around the kitchen.
  • Learned that Mom really likes white Burgundy. A lot.
  • Lunch at Melt was a huge hit.
  • My mother-in-law knitted me a Jayne hat!! It keeps my noggin surprisingly, delightfully warm.
  • Liz and my parents and my mother-in-law and I pitched in on a shiny new Mac as a combination Christmas/birthday present. It's job will be to help both my aging iMac and still-spry-but-time-consuming Linux box retire to gentler pastures. So far it's doing this quite admirably.
  • Liz surprised the hell out of me by hiding a Wii in one of the Mac boxes. The look on my face was apparently priceless.
  • Liz kicks my butt at most of Wii Sports, but I can totally take my dad at Wii Baseball. :-D


As a nice bonus, Webfaction rolled out WebDav support, so I can shift all of our iCal sharing off to that and have one less reason to keep a machine running all day here at home. Yay!

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