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O Beveragey Joy

In spite of the fact that my car has decided that it wants a new tire for Christmas, things are looking up. Why's that? Last month, a Starbucks opened inside AG's corporate HQ, to the general delight of the caffeine junkies. I don't do the caf, though, so I was unimpressed... until last week, when I walked by and saw that they carried Izze, my favorite line of fruity sparkling waters with no added crap. When I remarked that they only had my two least favorite flavors, and that I'd spend a ton of money down there if they'd stock pomegranate, I was overheard by the buyer, who promised me they'd get some in. And today--huzzah!--my wish has come true.

Mmm. Tasty. Refreshing. Joyous. Beverage perfection, thy name is pomegranate Izze!

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