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Catching Up

Had a nice chance to take a deep breath this weekend and get caught up on some stuff around the house, mostly chores like raking and cleaning that slide all too easily when life is crazy.

But I also managed to start getting traction on rating, sorting, tagging, and uploading photos from our increasingly less-recent trip to California. I've now uploaded probably close to two-thirds of the photos from the week. Notable stops on the trip (previously documented or otherwise) include:

Drinking sake with Josh

Punching down at Tres Sabores

Forgetting about everything except being on vacation

Making new friends

Helping with crush (no, I did not get to drive the forklift, just take pictures)

Looking out at the ocean from our room at the Albion River Inn

Lunch at Navarro in Anderson Valley

A perfect rose

A stop at Dimmick Park, reminiscent of visiting a cathedral

...with many, many more over at my Flickr photostream.

Hopefully I'll have time this week to upload the remainder: photos from Mendocino, a glorious sunset over the ocean in Albion, wineries in Sonoma, and Don and Kai's wedding.

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