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Good News, Everyone!

Just received the official notice that my PyCon presentation proposal was accepted! I plan on basking in the warm glow of non-rejection for a couple of days, and then commencing forthwith with the stressing out about getting it pulled together in time given all the other insanity of my life.

In other news, Liz and I had a lovely, low-stress, very lazy Thanksgiving weekend. To my great surprise, I put away close to 700 pages of The System of the World, finishing it early Saturday evening, and achieving my goal of finishing the Baroque Cycle before the end of the year. At nearly a thousand pages apiece, these books have taken some serious commitment from me (my reading-for-pleasure time being significantly diminished from its former glories), and I'm really, really happy that it paid off so well. Of course, now I have to read Cryptonomicon again, but that can wait a bit.

Work is about to be really interesting, in the possibly-very-good-interesting sort of way (rather than the omfg-you-want-it-when way). Details are still pending, so I'll keep my mouth shut until then.

And, by the mysterious and tangled workings of the internets, I've reconnected with a long-lost friend from days of yore, and that's just nifty.

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