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Minor Victories and Comforts Amid a Sea of Turmoil

Still no time to dig through the San Francisco/Napa/Alexander Valley/Sonoma/wedding photos to find the good stuff, as work and other extra-curriculars continue to absorb all available free time. Hopefully I'll be able to get to some of that this weekend.

Today's victory: got the green light from The Powers That Be for the topic I was thinking of for a PyCon presentation. Now I just have to find the time to blast out the proposal and outline; this weekend looks like it might be a candidate. My original plan was to take care of all of that while out in California, but various crises kept me from submitting my idea to TPTB until just this week. I probably needed the complete vacation anyway.

Today's comfort: just back from a wine dinner at Grady's featuring wines from the Rousillon region. Liz (not my Liz, but the lady who runs the shop) amazed us with one perfect pairing after another. Hooray!

Work tells me that I get to fly to DC for a day next week. What exactly I'm along for isn't terribly clear yet, and I unfortunately probably won't be able to skip out for sushi at Kaz (*cry*), but it should add a little novelty to the week. The trick will be waking up early enough to catch a 7:30 AM flight--ugh!

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