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About Darn Time

As of today, I can finally stop beating around the bush about the Giant Scary Project Which Ate My Life, and declare to all the world (or at least that infinitesimal small fraction that reads my blog) that the new reminders site is live! We saw all those little web-twenny startups having so much fun making AJAXy calendaring apps that we just couldn't resist... It's a huge step up over our previous offering, a third-party system that I had the privilege of maintaining, and it gives us a great opportunity for future cycles of growth and improvement.

It's fair to say that there are probably a few strange little niggling issues that we didn't uncover during our testing, so be gentle with it, and bear with us as we patch the things that crop up. Pretend it's one of those sites that says "beta" on it for years at a time (thus ensuring that all is forgiven no matter what goes wrong). Only prettier. :-)

Kudos and thanks to everybody on my team -- especially Cory Sitko and David Noyes, who, in addition to kicking ass above and beyond the call of duty, had to put up with me going quite crazy as we approached our launch.


And from the serendipitous timing department, I am very pleased to announce that my season in goopy-eyed allergy hell seems to be at an end at long last. It's a lot easier to run around smashing code bugs when I can see the darn things.

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