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September Clepy Meeting

After a small summer hiatus, Clepy is back and ready for Pythonic goodness.

At tonight's meeting, I presented "The Joy of Logging", an introduction to the Python standard library's logging module and all the various wicked cool things you can do with it. (Okay, so "wicked cool" is relative here...) After concluding my presentation in our parking lot (thanks to a spurious building evacuation alarm got triggered), David Stanek presented the first of two talks on the internals of Python functions, where it turned out that, ironically, the "new" method is deprecated (go figure). Mike Robellard showed off the beginnings of GMUVE, which will eventually be a shiny 3D MMO built with Pygame.

Next month's meeting will be Monday, October 2, and will probably be held at, which is pretty nice when the klaxons and emergency lights shut up. David Stanek will conclude the head-exploding function internals with a discussion of the descriptor protocol, Todd Randolph is on the hook to come up with something, and Brian Beck might be giving us the scoop on some of his Summer of Code tinkering.

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