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Just a very quick update to make sure all the moving pieces are still functioning correctly... I've spent the afternoon moving's web and email service from Gemstream to Webfaction.

Reasons for my switch include (in no particular order):

  • Email access over SSH
  • HTTPS for their webmail client
  • SpamAssassin is just a checkbox away!
  • Can publish website changes using rsync and SSH instead of the ftp/cleartext method I was using with Gemstream
  • Gets all my hosting back onto one provider
  • Excellent support for Python web apps: Django, TurboGears, Zope, Plone, etc. This is not critical right this second, but as soon as TurboGears gets around to having a "stable" release, I will finally get around to building something in it. Webfaction's control panel makes it a breeze to deploy these things.
  • Free hosting for trac/subversion and open-source Python projects (very good for their karma)
  • 50% of TurboGears hosting profits go back to the TurboGears project
  • Responsive, polite and clueful answers to questions

So... As far as I can tell, everything now works right. Please shout if something seems amiss.

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