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Germany Photos 4.0: Johannisberg and Geisenheim

Originally uploaded by mikepirnat.

Leaving Rüdesheim behind, the fourth day begins at Johannishof-Eser, just down the road in Johannisberg, and continues with a mid-day visit to Schloss Johannisberg (dating back to the time of Charlemagne, it is the origin of the "Cabinet"--later "Kabinett"--quality designation), where we visit the vineyards, the basilica, and see the sights, including another amazing panoramic view. Then we get back on the road, go around the narrow one-way streets of Geisenheim a couple of times, and head for Worms.

For those following along with the map, this block of photos covers item nine on the itinerary.


This is only half of the intended post for today, but I have unfortunately had an opportunity to learn some important lessons about the FlickrExport iPhoto plugin, which caused me to lose several hours to tagging, re-tagging, and re-re-tagging all of those photos. Yuck! So I'll be back hopefully before too long (hopefully tonight?) with the second part of this set, covering our afternoon and evening in Worms.

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