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Germany Photos 3: Mehring to Rüdesheim

Originally uploaded by mikepirnat.

Our third day (or fourth, depending on how you count the air travel) begins in the sleepy village of Mehring and takes us to the touristy avenues of Rüdesheim on the Rhein, with wine tasting appointments along the way at Schäfer-Frölich in Bockenau and Krüger-Rumpf in Münster-Sarmsheim, by ferry across the river, and concludes with a cable car ride and spectacular vineyard views from the mountains overlooking Rüdesheim, Bingen, and the Rhein.

For those following along on the map, this batch covers numbers five through eight on the itinerary.

My skills with the new camera continue to improve; there's a lot of stuff in this batch that I'm quite proud of. Enjoy!

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