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An Endless Parade of Cat Photos

In some sudden fit of temporary insanity, Liz gave her blessing--nay, encouragement!--to the purchase of an all-Mike camera, partly for tooling around Deutschland during the times where I don't get to be part of her elite viticultural circle, and mostly for trying to redevelop a long-dormant hobby.

I spent most of today going through the manual and taking a lot of really, really awful shots (digital is truly a godsend, since I don't have to spend anything to find out how much my SLR technique has suffered since, oh, 1995-ish)... But a couple turned out surprisingly well for day-zero monkeying around:

Julia looking like JFK Valentine chasing feather-on-a-stick

The one of Julia in the shadow/sunbeam particularly amazes me; she looks uncannily like a certain portrait of JFK. Maybe at some point I'll get some of my game back, and shots like that will be skill instead of luck.

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