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May Clepy Meeting & Pycon Photo Sighting

Last night's Clepy meeting was a bit shorter than average, but still chock full of Python goodness. Extra special props to Matt Zipay and Brulant for their hosting hospitality, complete with, for the first time in Clepy's history, live, reliable internet access!

Brian Beck gave a nice introductory presentation on "Releasing Your Python Package" that did a good job of demystifying setuptools, eggs, the Cheese Shop; he recommended Pudge for automating the generation of documentation for your project's website.

Rather than a second presentation, we had a nice round of open discussion, with topics ranging from PyOpenGL to what happens to overly ambitious pythons who try to eat alligators. Matt Zipay is also looking for volunteers to assist with Aglyph, a dependency injection framework for Python.

Next time, we'll be at; Ian Maurer will cover the "why" of unit testing, and David Stanek will address the "how" of it.


In other Pythonic news, I was lightly stunned to discover one of my PyCon photos at the Squidoo lens for Pythonology. Wacky! I'd wondered why it'd started getting so many views...

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