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Six Years With the Rose

Six years ago today, it was my first day at Quitting IBM (six years and three days ago) was my birthday gift to myself. I was 23, living in engaged pseudo-sin, and was just glad to be able to see in the inside of our apartment on a regular basis. Liz had just recovered from an awful, scary bout of illness--"fifth disease"--so I was glad to make sure that we still had health insurance; of course, it was also exciting to think that I'd be working for a dot-com, and we'd IPO, and all get rich once our stock options vested. I had no idea what to expect, and was nervous as hell about getting in on time.

Time, as it tends to, passed. Whoosh!

We didn't IPO (probably a good thing); I certainly didn't get rich. I'm still on my original 450MHz Pentium III. I see the inside of our house regularly, though not always in the durations to which I'd prefer. I still can't seem to get my "ergonomic" chair adjusted right (gee, I wonder why my back hurts). I've had three cube relocations, each to a progressively smaller grey box, but I've survived six or seven rounds of layoffs. Most of my Legos have gone home as a result of my gradual loss of real estate.

I've done a lot of stuff, and have even more coming up; I may even acquire a minion or two, temporarily, to delegate some grunt work to. I've learned a decent amount technically, but probably more about life, people, and organizations. I've learned that my personal time has significantly more value than I'd ever expected, and I've learned that some bits of myself I'd thought long gone were just hiding and needed to be coaxed out again.

My hairline has moved more than I had ever really noticed, and what's there has greyed faster than I expected. I don't read as much as I want to (I blame eye strain from looking at computers all day). I don't work out as much as I want to. I don't do as much as I want to.

I wonder--where will life take me in the next six years?

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