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March Clepy Meeting & PyCon Photo Update

Tonight was the March installment of Clepy, the little Cleveland Python group that could. We hit what I think is a new attendance record--19 in all! Each meeting gets a little bit bigger, and according to our defacto fearless leader David Stanek, we're quickly becoming one of the larger Python groups. Nifty!

This month's meeting featured a presentation of easyBay, a Pythonic eBay API wrapper, by Brian Beck; a lowdown on some handy Windows admin scripting possibilities and an intro to the Childsplay game framework by Mike Nugent; and a quick and somewhat impromptu overview of PyCon.


Speaking of PyCon, I have finally gotten around to uploading photos to flickr, so I've updated my previous entries accordingly. And there are other people's PyCon 2006 photos on flickr, plus a lot of good ones at Jafo's journal (there's a whole row of us Clepy folks in this one, plus one of the TurboGears sprint in which I look pretty dorky). Enjoy!

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