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PyCon: Day Two

My head is full of drippy goo, and the wireless network keeps flaking out on me; this combination makes it really hard to focus on getting anything done. In Twisted terms, getting dog-ass sick was a Deferred, and I'm now living through the callback.


Small victories today...

  • Got ahold of Paul McGuire during brief periods when wireless worked for both of us, and he was kind enough to share his with me; its command parser/handler seems like a great fit for what I want to do with my silly Twisted bot (to make it simultaneously less and more silly than it already is).
  • Discovered that there is, in fact, an example Jabber client in the Twisted docs--it's just not linked to on their web site. (D'oh.) I've managed to get it to auth (or at least it claims to have authed), but I can't seem to get it to "hear" anything else, which it probably needs to be able to do at some point. Think my next step is to just try running a Jabber server on my laptop and see if that helps things work any better.
  • Note to self: one of the lightning talk speakers today is building an all-Python Z-machine interpreter. w00t! I definitely need to chat him up at some point, as I have a deep and abiding affection for all things text adventurey.

Heading out to the party to partake in free pizza and to pick up the new edition of Python: Essential Reference. And hopefully will start feeling better at some point.

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