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PyCon: Day 2.5

Having (finally) had some success with Twisted and Jabber, I am taking a moment to celebrate with a bottle of Harp. The party was pretty cool, though mellow. They have an insane selection of books -- everything from animation to signal processing. As it turns out, they have insanely great prices on things too, and I only now realized that books purchased on premises would ring up at their online prices rather than their cover prices. Argh!! On the plus side, they also seem to have surprisingly reasonable shipping rates too, so maybe I'll pick up a few things as early birthday presents for myself. They put out a nice spread of food, and the extremely hot pepperjack cheese has enabled me to breathe freely once again.

Beyond that, it's been a nice evening of chilling in the hotel lobby, taking advantage of the comfy chairs, interesting company, and the conference's free wireless. Met a nice chap from Slovenia; chatted with Kevin Dangoor for a bit; tinkered with code; shot the proverbial breeze with fellow Clevelanders David Stanek and Ian Maurer.

02-25-06_2148.jpg 02-25-06_2213.jpg

Overheard in the lobby: "Is it a convention of Laptop People or something?"

My most quotable utterance of the evening: "We need something like WSGI, but for management." (You kind of had to be there.)

Yep.... Good times. Definitely good times.

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