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PyCon Day One

Thanks to the magic of wireless, I can announce (now quite belatedly, as I've been trying to pay attention to people's presentations today) that we survived the Big Scary Presentation. Well, more than survived; it actually went really well, and folks were generous with their compliments. Warm fuzzies all around.

P1010115 P1010159 P1010142 P1010160

I didn't have the presence of mind to get any kind of headcount estimate, but my gut "oh my god that's a lot of people" feeling says that there were probably at least 150 out there as we were one of only two presentations in the scheduled timeslot.

The day has been pretty relaxing since then. Guido's lunchtime history of Python's creation was great and informative, and I'm cluing in to some exciting projects that I think could really benefit some of the things I'm tinkering on (I'm particularly interested in pyparsing for dispatching behaviors in the multi-protocol bot I'm slowly cobbling together).

I'm hoping to do some code tinkering later tonight--I need to grok the Twisted Jabber libraries--but I think the next goal is some sort of "go-get-food-with-people" mission.

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