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V-V Day (Victory Over Valentines)

Well! Another February 14 draws to a close, and (luckily, thankfully) it's been a very, very good one thus far.

On the work front: we weathered the storm with aplomb, our site never faltering under the onslaught of the greetings industry's biggest day, while our competitors dropped like flies. W00t! A side benefit of today's success is that David Stanek and I won't look like idiots at PyCon next week when we promote the idea that Python plays nicely in the enterprise; the metaphorical egg is nowhere even close to our faces, and that's a great feeling.

I wasn't assigned to any particular monitoring shift today, so I had a few hours to tinker... and ended up cobbling together some Twisted magic to create an HTTP-to-AIM/IRC bot that would allow us to plug our monitoring scripts directly into our internal chatrooms. I had to fix a bug in Twisted's Oscar library (for talking with AIM) in order to get it to work; hopefully the maintainer will accept my (very) simple patch. It's working out well so far, so I think that as I get the chance, I'll be cleaning it up and extending it to provide all kinds of other functionality for us. It should be pretty cool.

Meanwhile! Liz demonstrates her thorough and complete awesomeness yet again: first by dragging me to last night's Spanish wine dinner at Mallorca, second by hooking me up with tasty Christmas ale and insanely good chocolates, third by picking up takeout dinner from Moosehead (mmm, wild buffalo rolls...), fourth for making sure I stay up to date on Dick Cheney's Bogus Journey, and, above all else, for putting up with my deranged little self. This woman has the patience of a saint, not to mention smarts galore, and dare I say it--mad hotness!

Now the trick will be to get back into a normal rhythm after all the craziness...

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