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Getting Twisted Again

One of the reasons I haven't been messing much with TurboGears lately (aside from the current heavy development activity and resulting instability and lack of recent docs--plus the week it took me to catch up on the mailing list after a week of jury duty) is that I recently received a review copy of Twisted: Network Programming Essentials from O'Reilly, as part of the user group review program that ClePy is part of, and I'm trying to wrap my head around it again. I'm supposed to post a review within the next few weeks, so I'm trying to put down a chapter each night (not counting chapter one, which for me amounted to simply ignoring it and just emerging a lot of packages). So far, so good... I've reported a couple of minor errors that will hopefully be corrected in a future printing, and the important concepts seem to be sinking in, so my rapidly degenerating brain matter will tally that as a success.

Once that and my current work challenges get settled down, it's back to TurboGears for me! I hope to be sufficiently clueful by the time the PyCon sprint rolls around.

Stay tuned!

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