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Immobility Redux

It's not my knees this time, but I once more find myself pretty much unable to move in any useful fashion. I must have done something pretty stupid to myself overnight, because when I woke up this morning, my neck and upper back were in a knotted mess of pain, stiffness, and misalignment. Sitting up or lying down require assistance, and I can't really turn my head either direction, so I'm thinking that driving in to the office is probably out of the question. We tried some stretches on the floor, but I'm so messed up that just moving into the different positions was excruciating. I won't even describe the ordeal of pain involved in getting to the toilet. For now, and I guess the immediate future, I'm propped upright in bed with a heating pad and a collection of pillows, and Valentine is draped supportively over my lap and wrist.

Additional related issues: the replacement VPN solution for my office doesn't work on my laptop, so I'm unlikely to get any work done today despite having a computer handy; entertainment options are limited to what's on TV/radio and internet, as getting to the DVD player or X-Box are out of the question right now; and little details like getting food are probably going to be a bit tricky.


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