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Grr. Arg!

I've spent most of the past year being completely pleased by the Harmony 688 that Santa brought for Christmas last year, delivering us from the tyranny of far, far too many remote controls. Consequently, when, just about forty-five minutes ago, it committed hara-kiri, it dropped me back into a world of pissed off and cranky. Logitech's support site suggests that if the LCD is blank, that the only "possible cause" is "low batteries." Three sets of completely new batteries, each of different brands, seems to have proved this to be an insufficient solution.

So! Into the closets and file folders in search of the warranty information. After several minutes of digging and swearing, the manual surfaced, and lo and behold, my defunct little ex-miracle of technology is still seven days shy of the one-year warranty expiration. So, time to do battle with the dread legions of customer support phone lines... Which closed thirty-seven seconds before I found the phone number. Sigh.

In the mean time, it's quite bizarre trying to remember how all of my retired remotes work...

(Yes, I know I should consider myself lucky to have such trivial problems. And I do. That doesn't make me less annoyed.)

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