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December Clepy Meeting

Tonight was another fun-filled episode of Clepy, our little Python group that could. I presented "Fun With RSS", a quickie overview of RSS, feedparser, and PyRSS2Gen, plus a little bit of fun combining the two. David Stanek introduced us to IPython, the Python interactive shell on steroids.

We had some nice discussion of some miscellaneous things as well, including PyCon and why you should go (registration is now open!).

We may consider adopting feedparser as its author, Mark Pilgrim, doesn't appear to be maintaining it any more; I've dropped an email his direction, but given his stated desire to find a hobby that doesn't involve computing, who knows if I'll get a response? (Okay, so a bit of googling about shows recent evidence of his continued existence, so maybe I'll try some additional addresses before shouting "fork!" too loudly.)

We're also planning on replacing the Plone installation of with a shiny TurboGears-powered setup. This would at least give us an opportunity to contribute back to TG (through fixes, donated functionality, and general advocacy), as well as build some programming comeraderie through sprints (in person or online) to implement the features we want. Plus it might actually spur some mailing list activity during the weeks between meetings. ;-)

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