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Reinventing Someone's Wheel

I set aside the time tonight to get down and funky with the bug about it discarding unknown elements. I poked, prodded, sliced, diced, got my hands dirty, figured out what the problem was, and fixed it--huzzah! I had just gotten done submitting my patch back to feedparser's Sourceforge site, when I saw that someone else had already filed a nearly identical patch at the beginning of September. (It's amusing exactly how similar it is--great minds think alike, I guess?) On one hand, I wish I had seen Adam's patch right away and not had to fight with it myself, but on the other hand it was a Valuable Learning Experience, the kind of thing that Builds Character. Plus given how long some of the patches have been sitting around without anyone looking at them, I think it'll be at least six months before I actually manage to accrue any public embarrassment for my duplicate solution to the problem... I just hope one of the patches gets rolled into the next release, because it looks like while this is a cool project, it is desperately in need of some cleanup and love.

The practical upshot of this is that my patched is no longer discarding the "mood" and "music" information from LJ feeds, so I am now feeding with the same level of syndicated goodness that it had before I switched over to feedparser from my home-brew RSS parser.

Additionally, I was able to get the "filtered feeds" working and automatically publishing to the website as well. I need to clean up the site a bit and link to them somewhere, but that's luckily the easy part. For a sample of what I mean, check out:

Now, maybe one of these days, I'll have something worthwhile to say! ;-)

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