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Python/RSS Fun Continues

My first dabbling with feedparser and PyRSS2Gen went so well that I've finally worked up the gumption to rewrite the code that pulls my RSS feed from LiveJournal, renders it to static HTML, and publishes it to where is hosted. Minus one annoying bug in feedparser (it discards unknown elements, so right now my LJ-specific data like "mood" and "music" isn't making it through), it's going pretty smoothly so far. I just switched my crontab over to using the new setup, so that means I am happy enough with it to use it.

Liz has to do the wine sales thing tomorrow, so I hope to get some more accomplished. At the very least I want to hook the feed filtering into the little cron script so that I can start producing topic-specific RSS feeds. Once that works, I will of course have to shake my website update wand and actually link to the things (in case anyone out there ever gives a crap). If all that gets done, then it's time to dig into the feedparser bug and see if I can figure out how to make it behave a little better with unknown elements.


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