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Seven Songs Stuck Strangely in Snaky Synapses

Tagged by [info]gieves, I humbly submit the deadly and dangerous Meme of the Seven Songs, in no particular order, and with some slight cheating:

  1. Gordon Lightfoot - "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald"
    Still beautiful and haunting despite the number of times NPR plays it on the anniversary of the eponymous tragedy.
  2. Thievery Corporation - "The Heart's a Lonely Hunter"
    With groovy rhythms and lyrics like "Welcome to my spaceship! You're beautiful forever!" is it possible to go wrong?
  3. The Magnetic Fields - "I'm Sorry I Love You"
    Raucous, upbeat, bittersweet, twangy; the kind of song that insists you sing along, loudly.
  4. Gorillaz - "Kids With Guns"
    Actually all of Demon Days is pretty infectious (in a good way); this album worked great as a soundtrack for my commute as the weather turned grey.
  5. Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - "Supernaturally"
    A couple months ago I would have said "Nature Boy", and before that "There She Goes, My Beautiful World", but this has clawed its way into my brain and won't leave
  6. VNV Nation - "Perpetual"
    Still gets cranked super-loud when driving to muffle my attempts to sing along; burning up my CD player for months!
  7. The KLF - "Last Train to Trancentral"
    Blame its inclusion at the conclusion of Blue Man Group's "Tubes" show in Chicago (egad! two years ago?!?) for the rekindling of my KLF addiction; its only failing is that it's over too soon.
  8. Special bonus song (because it just came around on the old shuffle play): Air - "Lucky and Unhappy"

Tragically, the new Mike Oldfield album (Light+Shade) is overall somewhat mediocre; though definitely an improvement over Tr3s Lunas, I am starting to agree that he's on a trajectory that will never take him to another Amarok, Hergest Ridge, or even Tubular Bells sequel. Of course, it could be that I've barely listened to it and it hasn't had much time to grow on me yet. We'll see.

Takk..., the latest Sigur Ros album, however, is excellent, but it fails to make the list because I'll be damned if I'm going to figure out how to correctly enter any of those wacky Scandinavian moon-letters in HTML. At least the tracks on this one have names...

I got chastised a bit the last time I followed through on the "tag X number of people" part of a meme, so I shall refrain from doing so tonight. Post your songs, don't post your songs, who cares! Be free from obligation, and enjoy!

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