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Adventures in Indiana

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We're now back from our adventures in Indiana. Friday was occupied with the drive down (filled with an amusingly punch-drunk loop of "are we there yet?"), and capped off with a bit of prosecco and tasty eats at Agio, which we selected based on its proximity to our B&B;, the immediacy of seating, and the volume of grumbles from our stomaches. After dinner--surprise!--the nearby sky was filled with a fireworks display. It was a nice echo of our string of early fireworks-related dates.

We had a wonderful breakfast the next morning, then it was off to the Indiana State Museum for the Lord of the Rings exhibit. I was prohibited from taking pictures inside the exhibit, which took a lot of self-control as it was all one delight after another, from props to costumes, models, maquettes, and concept art. This will show what a geek I am, but I got a little chill as I stood before the shards of Narsil, and next to it the reforged Anduril, Flame of the West. The One Ring was presented very effectively, suspended in mid-air in a separate chamber, ringed in darkness and fire, whispers of the black speech echoing all around. Kids seemed to quite enjoy the motion capture demonstration, and I got a kick out of getting my picture taken with Liz on the "Gandalf's cart" photo booth.

Once through the exhibit, we had a nice walk along the canal and crossed over the river and visited the zoo, which was a nice recap to our reception five years ago at Chicago's Brookfield Zoo. Sadly, seahorses just aren't as cool as those jellyfish (sorry, Indianapolis).

Dinner that night at Scholar's Inn was simply excellent. The bottle of Iron Horse vintage 2000 Blanc de Noirs "Wedding Cuvee" set the stage for an evening of delicious treats. Highly recommended!

Sunday, another nummy breakfast, and then we were on the road again to head back to Cleveland. Liz drove while I read The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe aloud to help us reconcile our distant childhood memories of the book with our expectations for the upcoming movie. We paused along the way to visit DeBrand for a chocolate fix; if you happen to find yourself in Fort Wayne, you should do the same.

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