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TurboGears Gets Presentable

Tonight's ClePy meeting went pretty well; my presentation introducing the TurboGears web framework managed to not bomb and was in fact well received. Some of that I will chalk up to general politeness (thanks to my combination of false modesty and self-esteem issues), but mostly I think it was pretty good. There was an awful, awful lot of material to try to cover; I tried to hit the high points of the project, its components, some basic examples, and the more pressing issues being discussed on the mailing list.

Should you find yourself in need of insomnia remedies (or perhaps causes if you, like me, like to read documentation late into the night), my presentation is available online, chock full of links to more things you can and probably should read if you are so motivated.

The short, short version: though not yet fully baked, TurboGears is maturing rapidly and (in my opinion) making some very good choices along the way; TG is already emerging as a strong contender in the Python "framework wars." If you're a Python geek, or a web application geek, it's well worth your time to check it out.

[Updated @ 23:55]: Kevin Dangoor has just unleashed a new screencast tutorial on the world to show off some of the features in the forthcoming 0.9 version of TurboGears--behold TurboTunes!

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