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Hibernating Penguins

Partly because I don't want to lose these links, and partly because David Stanek wanted some advice on getting his Gentoo boxen to hibernate... Here are the two most useful links that I came across, which got me working without any troubles:

Most important for me with my ThinkPad's clock drift issues was to make sure to set SaveClock yes. This means I don't have to use rdate or ntp to fix the time after reawakening, which is problematic if there's no Internet access handy at the time.

Since my ThinkPad doesn't support ACPI, I whipped up a simple script to use APM to monitor my battery charge and automatically hibernate once the charge drops below a given threshold. On my laptop, I put it in /usr/local/bin/ and added it to my /etc/conf.d/local.start so that it automatically kicks off as soon as I boot up.

So, there you go, Dave! Hope that helps!

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