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Adventures in the Weekend Zone

I managed to fritter away Friday night and almost all of Saturday with the skill and grace of a consummate slacker, knowing full well that I had Stuff To Do and that by gum, I was going to put it off as long as I could. I had almost forgotten I could procrastinate so well!

Saturday night I attended the WVIZ World Series of Wine at the Terrace Club overlooking Jacobs Field. I tried quite a few mediocre things but, thanks to Liz's careful pre-screening of the table listings, I mostly experienced tasty winners. Especially wonderful treats were the Carneros Creek "Grail" Pinot Noir, a Bordeaux vertical, Merryvale's Sherry, and a 2000 Barolo from the "Connoisseur's Table." I paced myself pretty well, dumped a lot, and managed to remain well-behaved until we got home, by which point the little sips I'd had throughout the evening managed to gang up and do me in. The subsequent morning hours were not fun.

For a couple of hours, it looked like I might not even get the chance to finish up my presentation for ClePy as the suddenly wild and wicked weather took out the power in our neighborhood, as well as several nearby trees. Let me tell you--it's not a lot of fun shutting down computers with a hangover, as each of the UPS's screams its own particular pattern of loud alarm noises. Once that particular battle with the forces of darkness was complete, I used the opportunity to sleep off the previous night's excesses, and I was feeling significantly more human by the time we had the power back. Liz took me out for some comfort food, and the rest of the afternoon and evening were spent thinking about and digesting TurboGears.

I'll post the presentation tomorrow after the ClePy meeting on the offchance that it might be of some value to someone, somewhere.

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