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Buried Alive!

Most weeks, I feel like for every N items on my plate, I have enough time to accomplish N-1 or N-2 of them, and I'm generally okay with that. If things slide a little, so what, as long as I get to them eventually. This week, I feel like I can only get to N/2 of the things I need to, and for this week's particular value of N, I am really starting to feel thoroughly farked.

I have a huge amount of exciting but challenging stuff to deal with at work (which I can't go into). I'm excited by its excitingness but a bit fearful of its scope and ambition.

On Monday, I'm supposed to give a presentation to our local Python group about TurboGears. I've barely had time to keep up with the traffic on the mailing list, let alone do more than the most trivial experiments with actual code. It doesn't help that our last meeting had a really well executed presentation on a similar theme, so whether I want to admit it or not, the bar has been set.

I also need to squeeze in another presentation for work sometime in the next week on some unrelated topics. Hopefully that will come together quickly, but it's One More Thing.

House stuff continues to be crazy; it seems like there's always something new cropping up, or something old that becomes more complicated. I'm woefully behind on my rotating cleaning schedule, and every day that I think I am going to be getting back into my workout schedule proves me wrong. And I'd like to think I could find time for a simple trip to the car wash and some errands, maybe even cook up a real meal again. Hah! In my dreams.

I lost the past weekend to travel (for good cause, so I'm not upset about that or anything); tomorrow night is blocked off for MirrorMask (finally!); Saturday potentially takes a significant dent from the World Series of Wine; and there's more travel/vacation in my very near future too.

In a word: overwhelmed! I suppose I should be Doing Stuff instead of whining about it on my blog, but I have to do something to balance out the lack of cat photos. ;-)


Unrelated to all that, I found this presentation on "identity 2.0" to be pretty interesting, and shockingly relevant for those of us who build stuff for the web.

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