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TurboGears Sprint

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David Stanek and I drove up to Ann Arbor on Saturday to participate in the first ever TurboGears sprint. We had some great discussion on the drive up and back, and while there we had a great time meeting some fellow Python folks, tinkering on TurboGears a bit, and noshing on pizza and munchies.

Most of the sprint was spent on getting up and running with TG, and wrapping brains around its workings, but static friction was overcome on at least a few fronts... One team started working on adding CRUD features; another is working on improving the error reporting in the Kid templating engine (to provide insight into where in the Kid template a problem occurred, as opposed to where in the Python code); a third group started work on being able to get interactive shell access into a running TurboGears application; Dave and I researched Scriptaculous and Dojo to see how they worked and what nifty animation tricks and things might be worth incorporating into MochiKit.

Overall, it was a very positive day. I'm really excited to see how TurboGears will evolve over the coming weeks and months.

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