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Boxed In

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Two (maybe three?) weekends ago, we woke up to discover our mailbox was laying flat on the ground. We haven't figured out exactly why this happened, though we narrow our eyes suspiciously every time we see high school kids hanging around in front of our house for no apparent reason. We had some errands that had to be run that day, so we decided to sideline the mailbox issue until we got back; when we returned, the mailbox fairy had planted our mailbox back into the ground again, though not as deep--and thus not as stable--as before. We took that as a sign that we could delay dealing with it until it became a problem again.

Last weekend, the mailbox was down again, and this time (due to the stability issues) it had really landed hard, causing the box to take some serious damage. Definitely time for a replacement--only, where to find the time? It's hard to replace or even reset a mailbox when you aren't getting home until after dark. I got really down about the state of the house as the week wore on with no progress.

That changed, thankfully, this afternoon. After dragging myself around to multiple Home Depots with our roof contractors on the insulation front, I made a return trip to the store to acquire mailbox goodies. I am now pleased to report that I have a fully functional, almost respectable looking mailbox, ready to send and receive the morrow's post!

Yes, I caved in and got one of the plastic ones that I utterly abhor, but the installation was easy, and I have to say that there's something about spending $1300 on insulation first thing in the morning that makes it hard to justify blowing heaps of money on a fancy post and all the necessary supplies.

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