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How to Entertain Cats and Silly Humans

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The attic dude is here again this evening, so the cats are locked up for their safety and the overall cleanliness of the house--we don't exactly want to find bits of insulation in strange feline gift zones. I figured I should at least keep them company, since there were going to be lots of weird noises coming from the ceiling while work was going on.

So, we played, they napped, they helped me try out different Livejournal styles that didn't have previews, but best of all, we found an exciting new game--confetti in the fan! All you need to play is an up-turned fan (the Vornado 750B is pictured), a bit of scrap paper that you don't mind turning into lots of little bits of scrap paper, one or more bored cats, and one or more bored humans. Engage cats with "Hey! Check this out!" type banter and and excited tone of voice, while partially concealing the scrap paper in your hand; they will come running to see what's so special. Toss the paper into the path of the Vornado, and BAM! Instantly amused cats and humans!

Okay, and a small mess, but oh! is it ever worth it.

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