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Bon Chance, Liz!

Just got back from dropping off Liz at the airport. For the next week, it'll be just me and the cats while she's immersed in her class and exam preparations in New York. It's really, tremendously exciting that the time she's been preparing for for so long is finally here, and I know she's going to do just fine... But at the same time, I am going to miss her like crazy; there's a strange sense of melancholy about the house without her presence. She's not even off the ground yet, and I'm already feeling all oogy about being apart from her for so long -- the longest that we will have been separated since 2000. Bleah.

If anyone has spare good mojo this week, I'm sure we'd both appreciate a little of it (although I think Liz should probably get the lion's share to get her through her exam).

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