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Get Yourself Connected

Techie-types might want to check out O'Reilly Connection, a social network/job board hybrid from the nice folks at O'Reilly. It's completely free while in beta (though some services may require payment once the beta period is over). There don't seem to be a lot of people using it yet (at least not in the Cleveland area), but it seems to have some pretty nifty features; I especially like the idea of sharing one's current reading list and incorporating one's blog postings and O'Reilly Network articles as part of a user's profile. I'm more interested in the networking aspect than the job board at this point in time (though it never hurts to keep one's eyes open), so hopefully I will be able to add some connections and encounter some interesting people as the site grows. Feel free to connect to me if you know me, and I will respond in kind.

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