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Stress Compressed

Nothing like being out of town for a week in the middle of a huge and massively stressful work project... The two-day week I had last week before I took off was extremely subdued and care-free (since, of course, I was about to be on vacation for a week). The three-day week this week has been far more painful--besides having to readjust to the time zone and get back into the flow of things at home, I haven't left before 6:30 all week, and last night it was after eight when I finally broke free. Of course, in these three days, I have been to scads of meetings and managed simultaneously to be insanely productive--I knocked out a 3400-line test script today that is about three years overdue, and then went on to finish off a couple of major features on my current project. So, while I am brain-fried, I am deservedly, righteously so.

Time to get out of here and relax a bit before I do it all again next week (well, everything except the vacation part). Hopefully I'll manage to catch March of the Penguins this weekend.


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