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Reunion Travelogue (Part Five)

Sunday, 7/24:

Slept in a bit. Read more of HPatHBP while Liz went out for a run. Delicious lunch at Jean Pierre's with Josh, his dad, my folks, and Liz. Weather looked a bit off, so we put our hiking plans on hold. Liz napped while I finished Half-Blood Prince. Set off for the belated hike around 5:45 PM. Liz, Dad, and I got respectably far up Animas Mountain then realized that with the sun setting, we should loop back down and head home before we got ourselves into trouble. Managed to get some (hopefully) great photos along the way. Picked up a few items at the grocery store on our way back. Liz cooked up a tasty dinner from the farm market ingredients, which we served with a bottle of the Vivac Barbera. Had a nice bit of discussion, then off to bed to rest up for the next adventure...

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