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Reunion Travelogue (Part Three)

Friday, 7/22:

Slept late. Lunch at Gazpacho's. Drove Liz around town a bit. Got cleaned up and attended the reunion dinner at Bistro 701. Had a bit of a mind-bending time (being suddenly around a crowd of people I hadn't seen for ten years was just plain weird), but good nonetheless. Some are married, some aren't; some have kids, some don't. Everyone seems to be doing well, and pretty happy about life. Oddly, I guess that includes me too, and that's kind of a nice thing to realize. Made only one stop on the pub crawl--Lady Falconburgh's again--and had continued good times there, despite being quite considerably rained on during the walk over. Liz became the hit of the party, or at least the hit of about one-fifth of it; she was proudly declared to be "beautiful," "awesome," and "hot" by more than one of my classmates, and I suspect that somehow Liz and Holly Zink may have been best friends in a former life or something. Left the bar around 11:45 PM; reportedly, the party moved on to another bar, and then to someone's house, with repeated visits from the police, who, when asked to check into the loud party, stopped by to have a drink. Too bad I can't survive that kind of lifestyle any more (as if I ever could).

Missed seeing a few people that I wanted to... Rita (whose locker was next to mine for four years--apparently busy selling yachts), Curtis (close friend from kindergarten days who is apparently busy getting his PhD in maths or physics, depending on whom one asks), Joel (apparently fallen from the face of the earth itself; his old house is now abandoned and run-down), Josh Bardin (apparently married in Seattle), Amber (apparently now a ski model), and many others too numerous to list... Hope you guys are all doing well; I miss you.

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