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Reunion Travelogue (Part Four)

Saturday, 7/23:

Slept in a bit. Finished the Frank Herbert biography. Started Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Drove out to Holly's place in the afternoon for the reunion BBQ; got a good bit of rain and lightning on the way out that threatened to make the event strictly indoors, but it cleared shortly after our arrival. Continued good times chatting with old classmates. Holly's dad took us on a tour of his slaughterhouse; surprisingly clean and very interesting. Reassuring to see that in this age of assembly-line mass-market meat, there are people like her dad that are spending quality professional time on the disassembly of cows. Watched games of "Dongball" and "Rope and Buckets" played by folks of various levels of drunkenness. Delicious food. Stayed until about 9:30, then drove back into town with Josh Taylor in search of munchies and booze; these needs were met in many terribly wrong ways by the Orehouse, apparently one of the very few Durango establishments that doesn't close its kitchen at 9:45.

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