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Reunion Travelogue (Part One)

Wednesday, 7/20:

5 AM cab to the airport. Had to detour to the office to pick up business cards -- vitally important when going to one's ten-year reunion. Uneventful plane trip to Dallas-Fort Worth; slept fitfully, read a little of the Frank Herbert bio that Dad gave me for Christmas. Noted with some sadness that the amusingly-named "TrAAin" (DFW's answer to the Disneyland monorail) is now the far more lackluster and generic "Skylink". Additionally uneventful flight to Albuquerque; slept not at all, read more of the Herbert book, had fun pointing at things out the window as we approached.

Picked up rental car (white Hyundai Sonata) and hit the road around eleven ABQ time. Stopped at Gruet to taste their amazing bubbles and try a few still wines. Arranged for some goodies to be shipped back to us. Fabulous lunch at Range Cafe in sleepy Bernalillo. Paused in Santa Fe to purchase a replacement screen for my razor. Stopped at wineries Black Mesa and Vivac on the way up to Taos; Black Mesa mostly disappointed, while Vivac soundly exceeded expectations (solid wines, mind-bending chocolates--double yummy!). Bought a couple bottles at Vivac, including their just-released (as in the day we were there) Barbera.

Overnighted at cozy, super-cute, very romantic little B&B;, Inn on La Loma Plaza. Charmingly rustic. Friendly people. Enjoyed meeting other guests. Dinner was a major letdown -- no yak carpaccio for me. :-( Also pretentious, overpriced, and not very tasty (though my glass of Burgandy was nice).

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