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Installation Complete

Went out with [info]aquamindy last night for the Westlake Rotary Club's board member installation ceremony and dinner. My cutie-pie is now officially sworn in and a member of the board; on top of that, she even received a spiffy certificate from the outgoing president for being all-around groovy. And she got lavish praise from fellow knitters on her recently completed poncho. Rock on!!

The event was held at M. Bistro in Westlake; I nibbled on the adequate hors d'oeuvres and sipped a decent Pinot Grigiot, then chose the stuffed chicken which was delicious with a glass of anonymous Chianti. Mayor Clough, seated across the table, unfortunately didn't fare so well; his medium-rare steak arrived well-done, and the replacement steak had only been briefly seared and looked as if it might walk off the plate and moo at us. I hope he had a snack or something when he got home, because they never even bothered to bring him anything else once steak number two was whisked away uneaten, and no one offered dessert to anyone at our table. We also ended up waiting about an hour for our check, so it turned into a surprisingly long evening for everyone.

Still, a good time was had by all. And I'm super-proud of my spiffy wife! :-)

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