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Molé Madness

Molé is a strange and magical creature, requiring great care and effort to coax into being, but wonderful to behold and enjoy. We spent the better part of a Saturday a couple weeks ago running around town to track down the ingredients; when we finally got around to preparing it this weekend, it consumed over four hours of solid, diligent work, and required another hour or so of cooking on Sunday to combine the sauce and the turkey roast.

Our efforts, thankfully, paid off in spades, as the end result was magnificently, sublimely, euphorically delicious.

It's impossible for a photo to convey the rich, smoky/earthy/spicy/sweet/salty/cholocate taste of the finished product, but we'll give it a try anyway.

She may not look like much, kid, but she's got it where it counts...

We served it with a bottle of 1995 Cahors, a match that was simply divine.

If you feel like getting adventurous in the kitchen, I would encourage you to try your hand at molé. With love and diligent work, the challenges that it poses will yield stunningly good and satisfying rewards.

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