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Curse My Stoic Upbringing!

When I was growing up, I basically had to be a human petri dish full of streptococchus or spewing vile substances from either end in order to be qualified by my father to stay home sick. And on countless occasions, I witnessed my dad going off to work when gruesomely ill, because serving the community as a doctor and providing for his family had more of a priority than preserving his own health.

This quietly stoic "bring it on" attitude unfortunately seems to have rubbed off on me, evidenced today by the fact that I am slogging away in my cube with a 101.5 fever.

The question is -- will I ever learn? (Granted I was back down to 98.6 this morning when it was time to decide whether or not to call in sick, but still...)

Ugh. After fighting the sinus infection of doom for the past couple of months, this is really getting tiresome.


On the plus side, I won two free 16-ounce bottles of Snapple at lunch today when I was desperate for fluids. I may not be special enough to be "one in a million," but at least I can take comfort in the fact that I am one in sixty-four.

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