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A More Perfect Weekend

It's an odd sort of weekend that has quite a bit packed into it, and yet is quite relaxing and lazy at the same time.

We were up and out the door early on Saturday to arrive at the opening of the first farmers' market of the season at Crocker Park. We bought some apples and other produce, some steak, tomato plants, and bread, watched the sheep shearing, and generally basked in the atmosphere of the morning.

Did some yard work, including a partial rebuild of our wheelbarrow.

Picked up a slew of free stuff (and probably too much non-free stuff) at the local comic book store's celebration of Free Comic Day. I was impressed with how much Liz got into the concept; we even stopped at a neighbor's house to let him and his kids know about it.

We grilled up some amazingly tasty buffalo burgers for lunch, then read comics together in the hammock until the breeze got too chilly for us. Back inside, we napped for an hour or so with the cats. Then it was back into the yard to finish up our work for the day. Once complete, it was back to reading comics together in the living room.

[info]butterandjelly stopped by for a nice little visit, and we split what remained of the buttermilk lime ice cream that we'd made a couple weeks ago.

Liz napped a bit more, and I read for a while. We cooked the steak from the market--yum!--and had a pleasant little dinner, then spent the evening snuggled on the couch watching Heat.

We slept in much later than planned--until almost noon, I think. We ate a lovely breakfast while watching trash on VH1. She's gone out to plant the tomatoes, and I am finally checking in on t3h internets. I now have both cats in my arms, bathing one another, while I attempt to type this on my laptop. It's a bit crowded, but at least I feel loved. :-) (Now they are asleep--Valentine is snoring.)

Need to get over to the library today to pick up something that Liz reserved. And I guess at some point I should figure out what to do with the rest of the day.

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