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14 Days, 1 Hour, 55 Minutes, and Change

Popped out at lunch today to pick up the new NIN album, and the Return of the Sith soundtrack. NIN is pretty good. Haven't listened to Sith yet--considering trying to keep at least a tiny bit of "prequel purity" before The Big Day comes, even though I already read the silly kids' storybook version at K-Mart the other week. (Lucas should just cut out all the dialogue and make it a silent film, because what's in the storybook looks pretty freaking sweet.)

Also, finally got off my butt and ordered tickets for VNV Nation (June 7 at the Cleveland House of Blues, in case anyone feels like being social in a bouncy EBM-synth-industrial sort of way).

Also also, this Saturday is Free Comic Book Day!

Excitement abounds! Excelsior!

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