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Philly Trip (The Short Version)

We're back from Philadelphia. Rather tired, so here's the short version:

Left later than planned on Friday (thanks, job); had an arduous drive through rain, darkness, and construction. Arrived at our hotel (after a brief accidental visit to New Jersey) at about 2:30 AM.

Met up with [info]sam16 and [info]supercarrot about noon on Saturday for lunch at Kingdom of Vegetarians (which sounds oddly like a rejected title for a Playstation game). I was largely delirious thanks to the late-night drive and not sleeping too well, so I was rather stream-of-consciousness. We did a little sightseeing; visited the market; [info]aquamindy and I did a brief bit of local wine tasting. We bought some Philly Cheese Steak cat treats to bring back to our little ones. Invoked the scorn of a security guard by photographing a public space (hooray for fascism!), got lightly rained on, sent postcards from the Ben Franklin Post Office, discovered that (besides inventing half of everything) Ben Franklin was a bit of a jerk in correspondence to his wife, and took a small nap before dinner--the absolutely divine Omakase at Morimoto (and we got his autograph too).

Sunday was a super-historic adventure: Franklin's grave, the Betsy Ross house, Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, and the surprise-winner of the day, the museum of the American Philosophical Society, at which was displayed the source code listing of the first-ever stored computer program, penned by von Neumann himself. An after-lunch visit to [info]sam16 and [info]supercarrot's new house in New Jersey turned into much-needed naptime for me. Once returned to PA, Liz and I enjoyed dinner at Positano's, an Amalfi-style tapas restaurant across the street from our hotel.

Today we packed up, checked out, paid a visit to Valley Forge, and drove home. The cats are glad to see us; the level of feline-induced destruction is pleasantly minimal.

Tomorrow: back to the grind. Photos and/or greater elaboration to follow. Maybe.

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