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Flying Blind

Insert your favorite endless torrent of swearing here. And then multiply it by a factor of Denis Leary raised to the Sam Kinnison power.

So, things at work broke close to or right after I left. I don't know why, but I have my suspicions (usually it has to do with letting our UI folks within 10 feet of anything that requires interesting functionality).

The network setup at PyCon is unfriendly to VPN, so I can't fix stuff during the day. The network setup back at the hotel is just a big goddamn tease--I can make the VPN connection, ssh into our dev environment to make changes, and so forth... But I can't manage to fully VNC (so I can't check files in or out from !#%@ing SourceSafe), and--even better!--I can't seem to load a page from our dev web server, so I can't even test to see if what I have done has actually fixed the problem!

I predict a long night of being very, very frustrated. Grr...

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