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PyCon (Day Zero to Point-Five)

Had a nice, smooth flight into DC last night. I found the flight path to be, uh, "interesting" as we approached Reagan National... Lots of jinking and turning and fast drops in altitude, and a very hard, very fast landing. I also thought it was interesting that if we were any lower, our wheels would have been on the roof of the Pentagon. We took the Metro to the stop nearest the hotel (insert the obligatory "how many Python geeks does it take to figure out the fare card machine" joke here), and hoofed it the rest of the way. I enjoyed the exercise, but I think that next time, if there is one, I am all about getting a cab. We ordered in some delivery food, since I hadn't eaten since lunch, and Dave hadn't eaten since breakfast, and watched some amazingly awful television ("Impossible Heists" on CourtTV and the Animal Planet equivalent of "Cops") before crashing for the night.

The hotel kinda-sorta-maybe has internet, but I haven't experimented with it much so far. It's sort of a semi-run-down apartment-style hotel that is starting to do some renovations, including ripping out all of the in-room wired internet stuff and replacing it with wireless. What this means is that my extremely rare still-functional wired internet connection MIGHT still be working, or it might be extremely broken (yet still willing to charge me $9.95 per day).

Obviously, I've just gotten wireless working here at the conference, so that's pretty cool. My laptop has terrible clock drift issues when sleeping, so I am the world's biggest fan of the rdate command...

So far, PyCon is pretty cool. There is a lot of exciting stuff going on, which I will hopefully post more about later, and I've bumped into some people that I didn't expect to--Kevin Jacobs, a fellow CWRU survivor, and--surprise!--I finally met [info]trygve when I recognized him in a PyObjC session (hi, Tom!).

And I'm out of time... Off to my next session! More later.

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