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I'll be leaving the office shortly for PyCon, a Python conference in DC. I'm excited, because it's the first time I've been able to get work to send me to something even moderately worthwhile (as opposed to my usual method of professional development, being chained to my desk), but I am also somewhat out-of-sorts, as it's the first time since IBM that I've been the one traveling without Liz.

Luckily, the teddy bear that she loaned me back in 1999 still fits nicely in my suitcase. :-)


My connectedness to the rest of the world may vary wildly during the next few days, as I have no idea what the hookup will be at the hotel, and I expect that during the days I will be pretty much preoccupied with presentations. Hopefully everyone has a dandy ol' week with or without me.


At least, I hope you have a better week than this fellow did.


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