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Weekend Goodness

This not being at work thing feels really good.

Last night I made one of my favorite "it's sort of Indian" dishes, a mess of tomato and chicken and curry and toasted almonds, which I haven't done in far too long. It was kind of like visiting an old and long-distant friend.

Part one of our Jamie Foxx DVD marathon last night was Ray, which was completely and totally amazing. I will try to refrain from gushing; suffice it to say that if you enjoy movies, this one should go on your must-see list if it isn't already there.

We slept in today, almost decadently late. To make up for it, we got cleaned up, had a delightful lunch of grilled cheese sandwiches (prepared on Liz's new griddle), and got industrious in the yard. The weather was gloriously mild, so it was the perfect day to clean up the herb garden, cut the mint back to acceptable levels, get a head start in our battle with one of the more exuberant bushes, and rake up the last of the fall leaves that had been trapped beneath mounds of snow all winter.

Yardwork complete, we popped up to the lake for a quick walk around. I took some photos of what's left of the ice, and Liz had fun listening to the creaks, cracks, and pops as large sheets of ice melt, freeze, melt again, and butt up against one another.

After that, we did some quick errands and visited the library, where I scored a handful of CD's to "appreciate," including "Halloween Hootenanny," a favorite from my WRUW days.

Back home again, I installed a new dimmer switch in the dining room while Liz did some touch-up painting in the room-which-is-not-yet-but-will-someday-eventually-be-the-baby-room-but-must-not-be-called-such-yet-since-we-don't-want-to-give-anyone-the-wrong-idea. I really like how the paint turned out--the room looks really sharp, and it will only be better when we get the new light fixture dealt with. And I like my dimmer switch, which, with a single button-press, fades the lights up or down delightfully. It's magic!

I completely missed the boat on buying U2 tickets, completely forgetting about them until after we had gotten home from dinner, at which point Ticketmaster claimed to not be able to sell two seats together, so I think I will just have to give them a miss. I'm not spending over $100 just for the two of us to sit on opposite sides of the arena, facing the back of the stage... Lame!

But that's okay, because the cats got to smell their first spring breeze today. The looks of intrigue, confusion, and excitement on their little faces were utterly precious.

Overall, a really great weekend so far. Valetine has just hopped up onto my lap to demand attention, and to tell me that it's movie time... So, away I go!

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